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Giving men the confidence and clarity to navigate the journey of manhood.

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Organizations, work places, families and individuals experience transformation as the men in them fully engage in a healthy masculine journey.

Unfortunately, many men get stuck on the journey toward authentic masculinity causing them to feel lost, gutted, weak, and without options, which has dire consequence for them and everyone they encounter.

Nick Adams is dedicated to helping men understand the power of living into their strengths and dreams and provides actionable tools for the journey to authentic manhood.

Through his presentations and workshops audiences will develop a newfound sense of confidence, motivation and a sense of purpose as they gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man. Audiences will be inspired to


  • Explore the path and process to move from childhood into manhood

  • Experience the liberation and thrill of living an energized masculine life

  • Discover the keys to their untapped potential so they can be the best man they can be

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About Nick

Nick is uniquely attuned to the roadblocks and obstacles that prevent people from being the best versions of themselves. Over the course of 30 years, Nick has run multiple successful businesses and nonprofits, developing a deep commitment to coaching and mentoring men in vocational and faith communities. What struck him to his core were men who had so much potential but had been failed by their families and society because no one had given them a clear definition of what it means to be a man or the tools to actually move from childhood to manhood.

Nick believes that when men are aware of the four pillars of masculinity and actively pursuing growth in each area, they are better equipped to be effective partners, fathers, employees, and friends. The result will be that they are more satisfied with life and experience a growing sense of respect, success, independence, and accomplishment.

"As a teenager whose dad died, it was difficult to find direction on the meaning of manhood that wasn't either neutered or toxic. Nick's perspective navigates a third way that holds courage, leadership, humility, and love together without minimizing one side. He casts a vision of true manhood that helped me build a framework around who I want to be and who my family needed me to be."

Philip Connors (PMHNP)


Nick's Talks

Talk Topics

Unleashing the Masculine Spirit: Overcome challenges, build resilience, and unlock your potential in the modern world.

We live in a world that knows more about what they don't want men to be than what they actually want. Make your life count for something more. You don't have to be afraid to unleash the man inside of you. You have the power to meet challenges and make a difference in your own life, your family, your workplace, and anywhere you find yourself.

This inspiring and interactive presentation will help you realize the power that lives within you and show you how to unleash it in your world. Attendees will walk away with tangible tools to unleash the man within.

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From Boys to Men: Increasing the Bottom Line and Creating an Engaged Workforce.

By building a culture where men are expected and empowered to move from childishness to manhood, you will revolutionize your workplace, cutting absenteeism, increasing employee retention, reducing destructive behaviors that cause friction within work relationships, and creating a healthy work environment.

Men who don't pursue authentic masculinity are more prone to depression, discouragement, aimlessness, and an overall sense of hopelessness, which they tend to numb with alcohol, drugs, social media, gaming and more. All of this, of course, can lead to anger, withdrawal, and an overall poor sense of self, creating insecure, non-productive, entitled employees.

In this session, Nick will explore with attendees the power of men who are engaged in the journey of masculine development and provide you a framework to help your employees make the journey. As men make the commitment to grow in each of the four pillars of masculinity, their lives will be radically changed, and your company will benefit.

Living in Alignment: Unleashing the Power of Masculinity

Nick will provide you with the four foundational principles of being a man, allowing you to gain clarity, confidence, and the tools to cultivate healthy, empowering, and meaningful masculinity.

This will enable you to develop deeper, more meaningful romantic relationships, effective family relationships, success in the workplace, and a supportive network of men who will have your back as you navigate through life.

You will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of what it means to be a man and the tools to embark on a journey towards empowerment and health. Don't allow yourself to be undermined by a society that lacks a clear definition of what a man should be or be negatively influenced by a toxic image of masculinity that can harm your own well-being as well as those around you.



"Living into the four pillars of manhood is a significant challenge that brings with it the expected rewards. My wife, children, and business have grown as I have deepened my understanding of how to live as a man in my world. There aren't many signposts to guide us on a masculine journey, but Nicks workshop helped me understanding the four pillars of manhood and provided the framework to guide my ongoing journey.

Kevin Wilson
(Vice President | Investment Advisor)



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